—Training Courses—

Solarium School

We offer a set of short-but-intense seminars for prospective salon operators that can be absorbed over just a couple of days. These training courses are designed as a series and it is strongly recommended that learners complete each seminar before proceeding to the next one.

SEMINAR 1: Introduction and Overview

Sunlight, Ultraviolet and the Six Different Skin Types


SEMINAR 2: Tanning Creams

The Importance of using Solarium Creams


SEMINAR 3: Solarium Machines / Spray Tan Booths

Operating Solarium Machinery and Spray Tanning Equipment


SEMINAR 4: Setting Up and Running Your Salon

What You Will Need


SEMINAR 5: Maintenance and Service

The Importance of Changing Solarium Lamps Regularly and On Time