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Helpful pointers and important tips

Read this before you buy a solarium.

Launching a tanning salon is easy.

It doesn't require a large amount of capital or high level of technical know-how. In fact, setting up a small, profitable salon can cost as little as €25,000, with return on investment typically within the first 18 months of operation—provided you know exactly what solarium equipment to buy.

When you open a business, you always want profits to roll in as quickly as possible. In the tanning services sector, the only way to achieve this is to buy the right equipment for your particular budget, location, store size and target. Getting this mix right is crucial.

Below are some helpful pointers and important tips to keep in mind.

Don't buy cheap or old solarium machines.

Buying a sunbed is not like buying a car.

In the automotive industry, there are lots of makes of cars and many degrees of quality. But in the tanning industry, there are just three good solarium manufacturers and, below these, the quality goes straight down to a Trabant.

Cheap sunbeds are made with inferior-grade materials (metals and plastics), and so they tend to be problematic when they overheat. Overheating always happens in high season, when solarium machines are operating all day long, every day of the week, for 8-12 hours straight.

In high season, you can't afford to lose 2-4 days waiting for a sunbed to be checked and fixed. You are setting out in this business to make money, not to lose time and profit over continually-faulty equipment that only leads to customer dissatisfaction.

We are a fully-certified professional solarium service centre. Apart from thoroughly checking and testing all the solarium machines that we buy on behalf of clients, we also receive requests to maintenance and repair machines every week. We open and inspect sunbeds continually. We have seen all the brands, up close, inside out. We know how all of them are built. The difference in manufacturing and component quality between the top three brands and the other makes is leviathan.

Sunbed tanning
The Trabant: One of the worst cars ever made. Trabant quality was poor, reliability was terrible, closer inspection revealed "patchy assembly quality".
Sunbed tanning
Independent salesmen are just sales people

Standup or laydown? New or used?

Independent salesmen are just sales people, not sunless tanning experts. They don't operate tanning salons and they don't have clear ideas about running costs or about the retail client. They cannot correctly advise you on which sunbeds are best-suited for your location/setup or give you pointers on how to price services.

We manage a chain of tanning salons and sell tanning equipment and service tanning beds. We assist all clients in purchasing the equipment that best matches their budget with their business model, to guarantee the quickest possible turn-around on investment.

Buying from us benefits your enterprise and resources.

If you're buying a Megasun, come and see us first.

We are the authorized official KBL Megasun® dealer for the Balkans.

Whether you're looking at a new or used solarium machine, chances are that the Megasun tanning bed you're considering buying elsewhere will have passed first through us. We maintain full service histories, so we can give you a clear picture of the exact condition and value of most second-hand Megasuns in the Balkans.

Sunbed tanning
Sunbed tanning
We thoroughly clean and then check all equipment

Who's going to check it?

So, you're thinking of acquiring a second-hand sunbed from an independent seller... How do you know if this machine is okay? Is the machine ready for high season? What condition are its lamps in?

We know exactly where to inspect for over-usage and possible damage, we know where the stress points are. As a fully-certified solarium service centre we offer:

  • Research of machines for specific budgets
  • Verification of documents and machinery
  • Machine purchases and sales
  • Transportation (in special van with crane)
  • Detailed cleaning with high-pressure air and special agents
  • Machine checks, with testing under variant conditions
  • General service
  • Lamp changes

There is no "uv-free" solarium.

There is simply no such thing. Although lamp technology has advanced progressively enough to deliver ever-safer levels of ultraviolet light, solarium technology is nevertheless always based on ultraviolet radiation.

The only irradiation-free tanning apparatus is the spray tan booth, which deploys a fine mist/mixture of sugarcane, DHA and Aloe Vera to generate colour.

Special sunbeds like the VIP solarium feature high-pressure lamps that filter out UVB rays, but these machines, too, produce tanning in the skin by exploiting the ultraviolet spectrum.

Sunbed tanning
Modern sunbeds like the VIP solarium feature special lamps that filter out UVB rays
Sunbed tanning
A wide selection of used machines with guarantees

A showroom with over 50 machines to choose from

At any given time at our warehouse you will find dozens of sunbeds, new and used, to choose from.

Don't waste your time driving around and going to see cheap or old tanning beds. Use your time constructively. Come and discuss your requirements. Prepare a list of questions for us, we'll be more than happy to answer all your queries.

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