—Tanning: FAQs—

Frequently Asked Questions


Freshen up with a shower. Don't apply moisturizers. Wear comfortable, loose clothing.


Apply the special tanning cream all over your body. Complete the solarium session.


Leave the tanning cream as is for at least 2 hours, then shower and hydrate at normal. A scrub is recommended every 2 weeks.

‟How many sessions must I do to get tanned?”

If you are skin type 3 or 4, then 4-7 sessions are required in order to tan progressively and safely. Average session time: 10-12 minutes.

If your skin is... Fair, with freckles Fair Light Light-Medium Medium Dark
And your hair is... Red/Blonde Blonde Light Brown Brown Dark Brown Dark
And your eyes are... Blue/Grey Blue/Green/Grey Blue/Green/Hazel Blue/Green/Brown Brown Dark

Skin Type







Tanning method: Spray UVA UVB Spray UVA UVB Spray UVA UVB Spray UVA UVB Spray UVA UVB  
Number of sessions: 1 0 0 1 1-6 1-9 1 1-5 1-7 1 1-4 1-6 1 1-3 1-5  

Solarium results: ‟How quickly will I tan?”

We tan responsibly, gradually and in safety.

And we replace the solarium lamps in our machines regularly and usually well before their expiry date,
so our clients can get a beautiful-looking tan more quickly and safely—typically in just 3 sessions.

After 1-2
UV sessions
After 2-3
UV sessions

Skin Type 1

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Skin Type 2

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Skin Type 3

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Skin Type 4

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Skin Type 5

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Skin Type 6

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Average session time: 10-12 minutes.

‟How long does a tan last?”

Tans from high-pressure "VIP" solarium machines last 10-14 days.

Tans from low-pressure "LUXURY" solarium machines last 5-7 days.

Mystic® Spray Tan can with care last up to 10 days.

Tips for prolonging your tan

‟How frequently can I use solariums?”

From zero, without base colour:
Every other day until you reach your desired colour.

To maintain bronzage thereafter:
Once every 10-12 days if you are using high-pressure solarium machines, and once every 5-7 days if you are using low-pressure solarium machines.

‟Can I use solariums during menstruation?”

Yes, certainly! Please just note that if you tend to have low blood pressure during menstruation you should refrain from using standup machines on critical days.


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