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Dear Prospective Client:

Welcome to Sunlounge® Solarium Showroom & Warehouse.

Ten years ago, we opened our first tanning salon. Today, we manage a chain of deluxe tanning stores that serve thousands of customers all year round.

Our enterprise has also grown to include a Sales & Service Department dedicated to providing equipment and technical support to dozens of salon operators in Greece and abroad, with a big warehouse that features dozens of new and used solarium machines.

As successful store managers and knowledgeable solarium technicians, we have detailed experience in high-tech skincare. So, whether you're opening your very first tanning studio, or whether you're looking for a solid guarantee on a second-hand sunbed, you can depend on Sunlounge® to offer you the best match for your specific budget.

Today, more and more people are using solariums.

Heavier work schedules, limited leisure time, increasing fuel costs and environmental issues have all contributed to making tanning at the beach increasingly prohibitive.

Furthermore, technological advances now allow for precision exposure, making indoor tanning much safer than outdoor tanning.

The solarium tanning business is a burgeoning sector and, with rising global temperatures, this trend is expected to continue well into the next decade.

No client is too small. We take all clients seriously. Call us so we can help you find the right machine for your enterprise. We look forward to assisting you.

Nicholas Atzoutzoulas
General Manager, Sunlounge® Solarium

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