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How to Use Solariums

Many people use solariums just before summertime, to develop natural protection against burning in the sun. Here are some tips for correct usage.

Before you come to tan:

  • Freshen up with a shower.
  • Don't apply any skin cream.
  • Dress in clothes suitable for tanning: wear comfortable, loose garments that are easy to remove.

Preparation for the solarium session:

  • Tie your hair to keep it away from your face.
  • Remove any cosmetics and make-up.
  • Apply your solarium cream (bottle or sachet of tanning lotion).
  • Place the protective goggles over your eyes. Exposure to UV light can cause damage. Wearing goggles minimizes exposure.
  • Lie down in the solarium for the set amount of time. The solarium will turn off once time expires.

After your tanning session:

  • Do not sunbathe outdoors on the same day.
  • Limit your tanning sessions to one every 2-3 days.


With technology first developed by NASA, solariums have become well-known since their launch in the 1940s.

Today, more and more people are use solariums to develop natural protection from sunburn. For optimum results and healthy-looking skin, we recommend the use of solarium creams.


The best solarium machines


Quite simply, the best solarium machines on the market, the VIP sunbeds offer the deepest, longest-lasting and most luxurious-looking tan available. They employ very special and expensive lamps with special filters that absorb UVB rays: these revolve and oscillate, bathing the body in complete light, providing an absolutely skin-friendly tanning experience. The best advantage of the VIP range is the very short time they require to generate a healthy-looking colour. The results are impressive and keep for up to 10 days after your last session. For beautiful, deep, long-lasting colour, begin tanning with the VIP series. Recommended for light skin tones and for ages 30+.

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The most technologically-advanced solarium machine


The most technologically-advanced solarium machine on the market, the Hybrid features 2 new types of high-performance lamps: red Rubin Collagen Booster LEDs (for the face and the décolleté), and pink p2 Vitamin D bulbs (for the body), which safely conduce the skin to produce elevated levels of collagen and vitamin D. With this boost of nutrients, the epidermis rapidly regains elasticity, tonification, moisture and melanin. The results are astounding: tightening of the contours around the face, and visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

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State-of-the-art solarium tanning experience


Available exclusively at Sunlounge® Solarium, the all brand new Hurricane offers the ultimate state-of-the-art solarium tanning experience. Its high-performance lamps generate a combination of 4 different wavelengths: UVA for beautiful golden colour, UVB for the induction of vitamin D, Red Light for collagen-rich, healthy-looking skin, and Blue Light to reduce problems of acne and to fade out the appearance of stretch marks. This solarium machine is a great way to invigorate and refresh dehydrated, sleepy skin after a long period of abstinence from the sun. At least 6 sessions are recommended for visible results.

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Ideal for preparing the skin for the summer


Luxury class solarium machines are ideal for preparing the skin for the summer, as well as for maintaining an established tan. Their UVA and UVB lamps behave just like sunlight, rapidly inducing the skin to regenerate elevated levels of melanin and vitamin D, and thus ensuring a perfect, radiant colour. Repeated exposure to UV light increases melanin production in the skin, resulting in a tan—and tanned skin is, in fact, the best natural protection from the sun. Recommended for beginners and for medium skin tones, and as a “reactivator” to the established tan.

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