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Mystic® Spray Tan

Perfect for UV-free tanning

First seen on TV shows Desperate Housewives, Friends and Nip Tuck, Mystic® Spray Tan has revolutionized indoor tanning worldwide, offering beautiful, natural-looking colour without any blotching, staining or streaking. No other machine or personal sprayer offers such flawless immediate results. The booth jets a clear, fine mist (made 65% with Aloe Vera, sugar cane and other natural ingredients) across the entire body, generating a beautifully-even, perfect bronzage. This is the ultimate in UV-free tanning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mystic Spray Tan?

Mystic Spray Tan is an automated and guided personal spray tan booth with a revolutionary atomizer process that uses wide-lateral application. Employing Magnetan Technology, the system applies Tanning Myst uniformly to the entire body within seconds.

What is Magnetan Technology?

Magnetan Technology is a unique spray application process that uses the magnetic properties of the body to attract Tanning Myst evenly to the exposed skin surface.

What is Tanning Myst?

Tanning Myst is a patented self-tanning formulation made principally with Aloe Vera, DHA (a vegetable source derived from beetroot or sugar cane) and other natural ingredients. When Tanning Myst is applied, it reacts homogeneously with the proteins on the surface of the outer layer of the epidermis to form a golden-brown colour. The skin begins to darken 2 to 3 hours after application and reaches the maximum intensity of the colour within 24 hours. The application is not permanent: just as with a suntan, colour gradually fades through natural physical exfoliation of the body.

What should I wear?

Nothing! The spray booth is completely private, and the entire application process is automated. Upon completion, lightweight, non-adherent garments are best.

How long must I wait to shower?

It is best to shower 8 hours (but not more than 12 hours) after a Mystic Spray Tan session.

Will swimming affect my tan?

Swimming in chlorinated pool water or in sea water will, of course, inevitably fade colour and reduce the duration of the tan.

Will my skin look orange?

Not at all! Generic self-tanning processes involve hand-applied creams or sprays, which mean uneven coverage: excessive amounts of self-tanning lotion make the skin look orange, inadequate amounts make it look patchy. Mystic Spray Tan uses Magnetan Technology which ensures a uniform micro-spray that covers the entire body with the exact amount needed to create a smooth, natural-looking tan.

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